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Key Features

Empowering Your Event's Success

Event Ant is a comprehensive platform that simplifies event and music festival planning, with a focus on the non-profit music festival market.

Stay Productive

We specialize in developing powerful software that helps organizations of all sizes simplify operations, increase productivity, and integrate workflows.

Stay Connected

We help streamline your communication through bulk email and custom templates, and help you collect data effortlessly with our powerful fillable forms.

Stay Organized

We help teams collaborate more efficiently by sharing information and reducing duplication of work.

What we do

Simplify Your Event and Music Festival Planning with Event Ant

Event Ant offers scalability, robust security, and a full suite of features, including artistic booking, email, festival marketing, custom reports, contact management, and more. Make your events extraordinary with Event Ant.

Comprehensive Event Planning

Stay organized and make informed decisions with our comprehensive event and music festival planning platform. With features such as a customizable calendar, event schedule, notifications, and custom reports, you have all the tools needed to make your event management efficient and hassle-free. Our platform addresses your unique planning needs, ensuring success in creating unforgettable experiences.

Secure Data Management

Your data's security is our top priority. We understand the need for a reliable and secure system that is also user-friendly and easy to use. Whether you're creating and scheduling events, sending emails, using fillable forms, or generating custom reports, your data is protected at every step. Our platform is designed with robust security measures to safeguard your information. Rest easy knowing your event data is in good hands.


Our platform is more than just software; it's a robust, cloud-based solution that scales with your needs. Hosted in the cloud, we provide the scalability to meet the unique demands of your organization. You can trust that your event or festival management system remains secure and performs seamlessly, whether you're planning a local community event or a nationwide festival.

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